The bachelor’s in psychology program at IDVU is designed to provide you with a strong education in the core areas in the psychological sciences while offering the flexibility of designing your curriculum around different areas of emphasis. Gain a broad foundation of knowledge in the discipline of psychology and learn first hand how to evaluate various psychological information that you may encounter outside of the classroom. Interested in a specific topic within psychology? At IDVU, you have the opportunity to choose from six different tracks available to customize your educational experiences. Plus, take your classes on campus or 100% online through IDVU Online’s psychology program.

As a psychology major, you’ll learn basic psychology terminology and concepts used in statistical and research methods, physiological psychology, and history and systems. Throughout your coursework, learn from leaders in the field of clinical psychology, industrial-organization psychology, human factors psychology and neuroscience. You’ll also be given the unique experience of participating in two career-readiness and competency courses based on National Association of Colleges and Employers recommendations, which help you with writing a resume, applying for jobs, interviewing skills and navigating the opportunities that come with being in one of the largest degree programs at IDVU. But there’s much more to the program than your classwork. Here, you can get involved and meet students just like you through extracurricular activities from volunteer work to internships to a number of student organizations.

After graduating with your bachelor’s in psychology, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your work and around the community. Whether you choose to pursue an advanced degree or enter into the workforce, there are a number of opportunities available to help you achieve your goals.