Enrollment Process

At Da Vinci University, our goal is to help students be successful during their academic journey. Students will be provided with an experienced academic advisor to help guide and ensure that all requirements to graduate are being met. Advisors are always available and happy to assist students with enrollment inquiries, course questions, financing options, and more.

We realize that every student’s career path is different. That is why Davinci focuses on creating a degree program that is uniquely tailored to our students’ skills and personal experiences. We guide students throughout the application process, step-by-step so that proper documentation, completed forms, and required fees procure the educational journey.


An Da Vinci academic representative will meet with enrolled students online to convey a clear understanding of the programs offered and offer recommendations best suited for students. This process includes showing students which of their courses have been transferred from another college, which courses must be completed in a specific order, and projected graduation dates.

Academic advisors will continue to communicate with students every few months to help students stay on schedule. If current students are confused or concerned about grades, issues with instructors, or the progress of their program our academic advisors are available to help students pursue their academic aspirations with confidence.

Terms and conditions upon Enrollment:

Once a student has signed the application form and confirmed their course start date with an Academic Adviser (by email or phone), no course refunds will be issued. If the student would like to reschedule the course, their adviser must be notified 48 hours or more before the course start date. Students cannot reschedule their course within 48 hours of the start date; they are able to delay their course start date for either one month (ESL and IELTS) or one term for Business courses. Further postponement of courses is not allowed.