Dear Dentist Candidates;
The profession of dentistry is one of the most respected professions all over the world. We would like you to know that we will be very proud of you joining our faculty family and educating future dentists who will play important roles in health services.
Dentistry is a branch of medicine that examines structure, function and diseases of the mouth, teeth, jaw and surrounding tissues and deals with preventive and curative treatments of these diseases. Dentistry is profession which has a long and challenging education process and requires devotion. In addition to being conscious and willing, those who are in the process of choosing such a profession should have access to accurate information about the profession and the educational process.

Our university offers Dentistry and International Dentistry programs. The education period in our faculty is 5 years. There is a preparatory class at the International Dentistry Program.
Our academic staff consists of 4 professors, 4 associate professors and 17 assistant professors. Our faculty has preclinical laboratory for 55 students.
After graduating from the faculty of dentistry, dentists have various job opportunities. Our graduates can own private practices, work in private dental clinics or centers and can be assigned to oral and dental health centers. Those who wish to pursue an academic career can apply to doctorate and specialist programs within our university or other state/foundation universities.